Meditation Classes
Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes


Meditation classes are 45 minutes long. The structure varies somewhat from week to week but generally follows this pattern:

  • 5 min - Introductory words
  • 15 min - Meditation
  • 20 min - Teaching
  • 5 min - Concluding meditation

Classes end on time, give or take a couple minutes. I recommend blocking out the full hour so you don’t have to rush from meditation straight into your next activity.

After the class, people are welcome to stay on to chat, share experiences and discuss.

Upcoming Classes

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Past Classes

The classes are done on Zoom and live streamed to YouTube. Participant videos are usually never visible on YouTube, only the person guiding the meditation.

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What people say about the classes

"The ideas shared in the classes help me focus on what is important to me now, and to really enjoy my own time for meditation"
Ilene Tyler
Architect, retired
Ilene Tyler Architect, retired
“Digital wisdom is a breath of fresh air. Andrew Davis is a calming presence, one that is contagious and thought provoking. Amidst the mental tumult in ones day to day life, Digital Wisdom is a much needed respite, a reset that grants a peaceful spirit of meditation and gratitude.”
Eric Varela
Sales Engineer
Eric Varela Sales Engineer
"Every class with Andrew is a gift. He is amazing and the topics he covers during the sessions are profound and full of kindness. You will not find anything similar in apps or online videos, this is another step in the meditation practice. He helps you better understand yourself and live in a more peaceful state. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity of attending his classes."
Estela Garcia
Director of Program Management, Copado
Estela Garcia Director of Program Management, Copado
"The Digital Wisdom sessions have helped me become a better version of myself: Kinder, more mindful, and more empathetic. Andrew's soothing voice makes the sessions peaceful and easy to follow. Attending the live sessions helps me build the habit of taking time out for my mind. Meditating with other people sustains my motivation and brings a sense of belonging."
Abhishek Saxena
DevOps Architect, Wipro
Abhishek Saxena DevOps Architect, Wipro
"I've tried meditation or mindset and read philosophy for years. ... I can say that Andrew next leveled my meditation to a new place I had never found on my own. I'm so thankful he guided me to experience inner peace. Even that I can't experience the same every time... and that's what's interesting. I don't have to. There seems to almost always be a benefit. There is this incredible, interesting tool - meditation - which is leading me to new levels of perspective, wellbeing, and hopefully more connection."
John Glover
Partner, TopLine Consulting Group
John Glover Partner, TopLine Consulting Group